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Work-Life Balance

This is a guest post from a fellow virtual assistant, Irene Muriuki. She tells how she is able to juggle a business and be a mother and wife. Thank you Irene for your valuable input!

My Virtual Assistant Work-Life Balance

Achieving balance in home and work matters as a virtual assistant, to be honest it’s not easy at all. When I started it (three years back), it appeared to me like this would be a walk in the park. However, I realized it was quite hard and that there is no quick fix to it. It needed discipline and balance. Experience, however, has taught me the secret: experimenting and finding what is best for both my work and family.

On work

Honestly, we all need money to fend for our families. I set aside strict work strategies which I must adhere without any interference. I normally get up by 4am to prepare my older son to school (I have three kids). I give myself two hours to work on my client’s project before I prepare my daughter. To cut the whole story short, I have to make sure I work for at least 30hours a week.

I set time to read emails, reply to FB messages, pitch for new clients, work and learn new stuff (I got to have a number of skills under my belt too).

On family

Any mum will agree that family is everything. Even during my busiest times, I have to throw a glance at my youngest son sleeping upstairs. Again, I would never ignore my husband’s text message or phone call just because I am working. At times, I have to ask my clients to extend their deadlines so that I can attend to family matters.

To ensure that I get ample time with my family, I normally work from Monday – Friday with evenings being family time. In short, I make sure both my clients and family understands that I have to juggle both at the same/ various times. In this way, they are always more than willing to help me succeed in being a mother, wife and a dedicated VA.

You can find more of my productivity/time management tips at:

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