How a Virtual Assistant Will Benefit You

How a Virtual Assistant saves you time and money

Some small businesses are not able to afford to hire employees. They do not have the means to provide vacation time, sick time, pay for idle time, etc. Well, with a virtual assistant, you do not need to provide any of those. We are independent contractors. You only have us work for you when you need us.

Let’s look at an employee’s wages compared to a virtual assistant’s rate.

Employee: $16 per hour.

Add in the overhead costs (office equipment, supplies, unemployment insurance, workers compensation insurance, etc) Usually is 50% of hourly rate–  will be $8

Add in fringe benefits (medical, dental, etc) Usually is 35% of hourly rate –will be $5.60

Hourly rate will actually be $16 + $8 + $5.60= $29.60/hr

Part time weekly wages: $29.60 x 20 hrs weekly= $592

Cost per year of part time employee: $592 x 52 weeks= $30,784


Virtual Assistant: ($20-$25/hr) Let’s use $20/hr

No overhead costs

No fringe benefits

Part time $20 x 20 hrs weekly= $400

Cost per year: $20, 800

A savings of almost $10k a year! But, you may not even need a virtual assistant for 20 hours a week. One week you may need 10 hours, the next 20, the next 5.. and that is okay! We are not an employee sitting at a desk waiting for work. You tell us when you need us.

Let’s get your schedule in better shape. Delegate tasks to me so that you can concentrate on the priorities. Let’s get you out of your office at a decent time every day to be with your family. Let’s get those running to do lists tackled. Have more freedom, and more peace of mind.


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